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One Viking is worth a hundred warriors, yet even such mighty heroes need allies. You can win the support of other Jarls by joining a Clan or creating one of your own.
The Oracle harkened to your supplication and shared its sacred Knowledge to ease your burden. Study it diligently and you will be able to increase the might of your Town and your army in order to vanquish all foes.
You should work hard and construct Resource buildings to get all you need. Upgrade your facilities and resources will pour in!
Construct buildings, train warriors, send your Heroes on raids – be a mighty Jarl whose name is known to the entire world!
May 24, 2017


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Welcome to the ruthless world of Vikings, where freedom, power, fear and violence reign supreme. You must lead brave warriors into battle, conquer the world and prove your might against players from all over the world.

Build a magnificent palace, take part in strategic campaigns, grow your valiant army and boost your coffers by plundering loot. Usher in a new era of decisive conquests, fierce battles and heroic deeds!


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